Welcome to Cambridge Home Waterview





Dear Cambridge Resident,

Cambridge Home Waterview® is a customer service and education program sponsored by the City of Cambridge. It is designed to help city residents manage their water uses and costs.

Complete the brief survey and your Customer Report will be generated in an instant:

  • It will show you how you use water at home now;
  • It will recommend ways to reduce water use and save money;
  • It will measure the water and money savings for each recommendation.

The  Home Waterview®  Customer Report is the result of a comprehensive computer analysis of the survey form that you submit. It will describe how you use water each day, and explain the daily and annual water consumption for each use. Your report will also show any variations in seasonal water use caused by washing cars, lawn watering and filling pools.

Please note that your report may indicate that you have opportunities to conserve water in your household and save money. Thank you for your interest in water conservation.



Edward Browne
Cambridge, Connecticut